Sunday, September 13, 2009

Featured Mini Monday - MamaBethBling

Every so often something will catch your eye while you're browsing Etsy. You know the item, the one that makes you stop and truly study it's beauty and complexity. You browse all the photos, read the entire listing, and then browse the photos again. This isn't just a piece of inventory; it's art. That describes my first experience with MamaBethBling's shop.

I stumbled on this lovely necklace while doing a little early Christmas planning. This is hand stamped jewelry at its best. Her pieces are beautifully classic, yet unique in design. She has an amazing selection of quality jewelry that can be customized to suit your recipient or occasion. This particular necklace is priced at 30.00 dollars. I have seen generic mass produced jewelry that is made of cheap metal for double that in a department store. With beautiful, reasonably priced items like this, why buy anything but handcrafted?

MamaBethBling has generously offered free shipping to the readers of my blog! Just mention Storybook Stitches when you checkout.

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